Highlights of the 15th CGCM Meeting

Date: Sep 06, 2016
Source: This Site
Author: Site Editor

The 15th Meeting of the Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine (CGCM) was held successfully from August 23 to 25, 2016 in Academia Sinica, Taipei by CGCM Taiwan Chapter, while a satellite conference entitled “Frontier Phytomedicine Research for Healthcare” was also held on August 22, 2016.


The program emphasizes interactive panel discussions between experts and professionals in different disciplines to exchange new insights and promote collaborative research.  Seventeen discussion sessions took place during the three-day meeting, covering a comprehensive range of themes on various frontiers of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Two new sessions were included this year, which are TCM Diagnosis and Preventive Medicine, an overwhelming and positive response was received.  The local organizer also arranged various social activities for the participants, likes welcome reception, gala dinner and visits to National Herbal Garden and Taipei City Hospital, it attracted 386 participants to attend the 15th CGCM Meeting.

8 institutes and 1 industrial affiliate were admitted as CGCM new members at this meeting. CGCM has a total of 155 member institutes and 20 industrial affiliates right now, which distributed at different parts of the world.

To review the 15th CGCM Meeting, you are welcome to visit the link: http://abrc.sinica.edu.tw/2016/CGCM/main/Photo.php?tit_id=20160822124039

for the photo gallery, all photos have already been uploaded for viewing.  Taking this opportunity, we would like to thank you all participants for your involvements during the meeting, also express our sincere gratitude to Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center, Academia Sinica and CGCM Taiwan Chapter for hosting and organizing this successful meeting.