Local Chapter Coordinators

Beijing Region
Prof. Ping Li
Deputy Director
Institute of Clinical Medical Sciences
China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Canada Region
Prof. Michael Rieder
the Division of Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology
The University of Western Ontario
Chongqing Region
Prof. Hong-yi Qi
Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chinese Medicine
Southwest University College
Europe Region
Prof. Rodulf Bauer
Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Department of Pharmacognosy
University of Graz
Guangdong Region
Prof. Yu-bo Lu
Honorary President
Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine
Hong Kong Region
Prof. Vivian Taam Wong, JP
Honorary Professor, School of Chinese Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
Chief Executive, Modernized Chinese Medicine International Association
Japan region
Dr. Hisayoshi Norimoto

Chief Research & Development Officer & General Manager
PuraPharm Corporation Limited

Korea Region
Prof. Yeong Shik Kim
College of Pharmacy
Seoul National University
Shanghai Region
Prof. Zheng-tao Wang
Professor / Director
the Key Laboratory of Standardization of Chinese Medicines for the Ministry of Education within the Institute of Chinese Materia Medica
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Taiwan Region
Prof. Yun Yen
TMU Research Center of Cancer Translational Medicine
UK Region
Prof. Ian A. Sutherland
Emeritus Professor
Brunel University London